Limousine until 1966

The old dashboard for the Limousine and the Break; there was also a scarcely modified version in black for the Cabrio and the Coupé. Indicator in mph or km/h. After indroduction of the round dashboard it was still used for the Confort (/8) series.

Cabrio and Coupé

Original accessories for Cabrio and Coupé with indicators for km/h, rate of revolutions, oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel and battery


Simplified dashboard for the Pick-Up and Commerciale series. Indicator with mph or km/h, depending on the country.

Tacho einer US-Version

Dashboard of an US-Version.

Limousine from 1966
Limousinen Tacho ab 1966

This dashboard replaced the long one in about 1966.
TemperaturFrom 1970 the temperature indicator was replaced by just a light.