Automatic Gearshift

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The 404 Super-Luxe is equiped with the ZF-Force-Transmission which consists of a torque converter, a transmission and the steering automatic system. The torque converter manages the gear ratio required for the run into and effects the connection of engine and transmission. Its size corresponds nearly to mechanical clutch of the 404.

It consists of a oil pump which is constantly powerd by the crankshaft, and a turbine wheel which is coupled directly with the transmission entrance shaft, and a lead wheel which is connected to the casing via a freewheel. All this work in a closed case where the oil handles the transfer of the torque.

The Transmission
the Transmission
The transmission: The 3 gears and the reverse gear are effected by 2 concentriv sun wheels which get connected to 3 planet wheels. The gear change is caused by the blocking of the planet wheels via several unsensitive and maintenance free fin clutches.

Inside View
inside view
The steering automatic, the brain of the transmission is in the under part of the transmission case and steers the operation of the fin-clutch via various valves. It is affected by the speed of the car as well as of the position of the gas pedal.

Detailed View
schematic view

2hydrodynamic torque converter
(P=pumpe wheel, L=lead wheel, T=turbine wheel)
3-4circulating fin clutches
5-7fixed fin clutches
8planet wheel set
9drive for universal drive