Type Numbers

different Peugeot 404 Types
TypeBasisFurnishingPeculiarityType Nr.*
404LimousineGrand Tuorisme/GTwith SD, 9CV9000-9001
404LimousineGrand Tuorisme/GTwithout SD, 9CV9010-9011
JLimousineGrand Tuorisme/GTwith SD, with Jäger clutch, 9002-9003
JLimousineGrand Tuorisme/GTwithout SD, with Jäger clutch9012-9013
SLLimousineSuper Luxe/SLwith SD, 9CV9020-9021
USALimousineGran Tuorisme USAwith SD, 9CV9007.
USALimousineSuper Luxe USAwith SD, 9CV9027.
JSLLimousineSuper Luxe/SLwith SD,with Jäger clutch9023.
KFLimousineGrand Tuorisme/GTwith SD,with Injection9200-9201
KFLimousineGrand Tuorisme/GTwithout SD, with Injection9210-9211
KFLimousineGrand Tuorisme/GTwith SD, with Injection9220-9221
DALimousineGrand Tuorisme/GTwith SD, with Diesel 7CV9905.
DALimousineGrand Tuorisme/GTwithout SD,with Diesel 7CV9915.
DLimousineGrand Tuorisme/GTwith SD,with Diesel 8CV9004-9005
DLimousineGrand Tuorisme/GTwithout SD,with Diesel 8CV9014-9015
A8LimousineGrand Tuorisme/GTwith SD, 8CV9901.
A8LimousineGrand Tuorisme/GTwithout SD, 8CV9911.
ZFLimousineSuper Luxe/SLwith SD,with Automatic ZF9120-9121
/ 8LimousineLuxe/Lwith SD, 8CV9810-9811
ZF USALimousineGT/USAwith SD,with Automatic ZF9127.
CCabrioletSuper Luxe/SLwith Carburetor Engine9031.
CKFCabrioletSuper Luxe/SLwith Injection Engine9231.
CoCoupéSuper Luxe/SLwith Carburetor Engine9041.
CoKFCoupéSuper Luxe/SLwith Injection Engine9241.
LBreakFamilialewith Petrol Engine 9 CV6510-6511
LBreakSuper Luxe/SLwith Petrol Engine 9 CV6620-6621
LBreakGrand Luxe Exportwith Petrol Engine 9 CV6630-6631
LDBreakFamilialewith Diesel Engine 7 CV or 8 CV6514-6515
U6BreakCommercialewith Petrol Engine 8 CV6610-6611
U6DBreakCommercialewith Diesel Engine 7 CV or 8 CV6614-6615
U6ABreakCommercialewith Petrol Engine 9 CV6610-6611
U6ABreakCommerciale USAwith Petrol Engine 9 CV6617.
U6A ZFBreakCommerciale USAwith Benzineng.,with Autoe. 9 CV6117.
U6SBreakCommercialewith Petrol Engine 10 CV6617.
U6S ZFBreakCommercialewith Benzine.10 CV w.Aut.6117.
U7BreakCommercialewith Petrol Engine 9 CV6711.
U7DBreakCommercialewith Diesel Engine 8 CV6715.
U8Pick UPdelivery vanwith Petrol Engine, 850 Kg, 8 CV6811.
U8APick UPdelivery vanwith Petrol Engine, 850 Kg, 9CV6811.
U8DPick UPdelivery vanwith Diesel Engine, 850 Kg6815.
U10Pick UPdelivery vanwith Petrol Engine, 1000 Kg 9 CV6830-6831
U10D / UXDPick UPdelivery vanwith Diesel Engine, 1000 Kg6834-6835
U8Chassiswith operator's cabwith Petrol Engine, 8 CV6911.
U8AChassiswith operator's cabwith Petrol Engine, 9CV6911.
U8DChassiswith operator's cabwith Diesel Engine6915.
U10Chassiswith operator's cabwith Petrol Engine, 9CV6930-6931
U10 / UXDChassiswith operator's cabwith Diesel Engine, 9CV6934-6935

* even type numbers are for a right steering wheel, odd for a left one.