Model Maintenance

Changes during building period
First of all sorry that I was still too lazy to translate all the text, so most of this was translated with the computer.


May 1960:

Beginning of the distribution at customers. Five colours available: ivory, turquise, grey, tangorot, black.

At the end of May 1960:

Assembly of prismafoermigen station lights. 4 lighting points, the parking light remains on with switched on headlights. The portion up (between) the doors is painted disguised instead of. Extended accelerotor pedal.

June 1960:

The rear number sign is shifted upward. Conception 404 with hunter clutch.


The colour tangorot is omitted.


September 1960:

New heater operation directly of Sofica, omission of the edges of chrome at the instrument carrier.

November 1960:

The muffler becomes shielded by a heat sheet metal. New steering element with 8 teeth instead of 6.

December 1960:

Transmission C3 with extended teeth.
New version Berline Grand Tourisme super Luxe (colour graumetall, chromium-plated instead of painted lamp rings, special wheel covers, leather interior equipment, front central arm rest, carpet " Moquette " in front).

March 1961:

Fuel gauge improves (display in 0, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, P)

April 1961:

The lever of the seat track adjustment receives a black button. Modified trunk lock.

May 1961:

The glove drawer flap is not any more doubly.

June 1961:

The symbol numbers are not hit no more into the vehicle identification plate. The end of the exhaust system is shifted to the right. The wheels are painted in graumetall. Transfer of the luggage compartment light into the front part of the luggage cover.

July 1961:

New, rectangular interior light, around 10 mm increased front brakes (of 50 to 60 mm), carpet in the back in a piece (beforehand 3), the armature screen receives a " anti-reflection coat lacquer finish ".

Mod. 1962

September 1961:

New instrument panel with round louvers, to which workstation of the former ashtray a Zierblende installed modernization of the " air conditioning system / ventilation ", which ashtrays fastened in the center, combination switches for windshield wipers - and washing plant, which starterzug (Choke) installed, where beforehand the operation of the windshield wiper system was, assembly of increased reflectors, new frontal view that

" Sofica - air conditioning system ", will by 20mm to 11.5 mm broad modified lateral chrome borders and hood border, to protection strip in the doors with " Loewenlogo ", chrome borders on the rainwater gutters replace borders on the doors, door arm rests to become modified, new far (blue amiral 1023).

October 1961:

With the super Luxe, assembly of chrome window frameworks.

Since the salon October 1961:

Conception of the Cabriolets, available as carburetors or a splashes.

November 1961:

Omission of the word " Danger " on the thermometer.

March 1962:

Number sign set in and no longer smoothly.

April 1962:

The heater radiator receives a cock.

July 1962:

Assembly of an improved suspension.

Mod 1963

September 1962:

Suspension in front again co-ordinated, additionally torsion bar stabilizer.

Shock absorber in the back now identically to Cabriolet. New steering wheel with metal ring from " Zamak " and modified Peugeot Logo in the center. The steering column is lowered. Modification of the buttons for starterzug and windshield wiper system, larger ashtray, Metalleiste at the door inside. Modernization of the front seats. Interior light with edge of chrome.

Conception of the models Familiale and Commerciale with 5 wheel lugs instead of 3, suspension in the back with 4 coil springs instead of 2, high-grade steel bumper from a piece, luggage cover can be opened better, to spare wheel under the baggage compartment floor in front (from the outside errei chbar).

With the Commerciale - versions the instrument panel is simplified and the Interieur is from " Simili ".

With the Cabriolets: New steering wheel with hupenring, Peugeot - signature at the tail, Hechscheibe can be opened.

October 1962:

Conception of the version super - Luxe with fuel injection engine, hand start crank and vehicle identification plates are shifted. The operation of the air conditioning system is again made of metal.

Presentation of the Coupè on the salon.

November 1962:

New colour (1028 emeraudegruen) for the Grand Tourisme - version.

January 1963:

With the super - Luxe versions with fuel injection engine, front brake linings grooved.

February 1963:

The Commerciale versions receives a windshield wiper system, door handles and window cranks made of metal, as well as trim over smolder-learn, in the center and at the roof.

March 1963:

Conception 404 Diesels (engine XD 85), with interior equipment from " Simili ".

July 1963:

5-fold stored engine with all 404 Benzinern.


September 1963:

All models equipped from now on with 5 crankshaft bearings. Now front brakes with increased diameter (280 mm) for all models (beforehand only for injecting versions), front seats changes, bumper horn from india rubber.

New wheel covers for the SL a splashes, the Cabriolets and Coupès.

The Familiale receives small ashtrays in the rear doors instead of the ashtray of the central arm rest, which middle bank replaced by two single seats, therefore is omitted the central arm rest.

With the Commerciale - versions: Sky covering from " Simili " instead of cloth.

October 1963:

New engine XD88 (8CV, disengaging exhaust from plastic, injection pump of Bosch). versions Commerciale: Pay load sign in lozenge form on the right fender in front. Versions Cabriolet and Coupè: Omission of the lighting under the instrument panel, zw eifarbige front lights in angular form instead of round (now parking light combines with turn signal).

December 1963:

Points of anchorage for front seat belts at the soil, disengaging exhaust, new colour: red.

May 1964:

three-part tail lamps with all models, new colour: grey.

July 1964:

Omission of the hand start crank for all gasoline models.

Mod. 1965

September 1964:

The performance of the carburetor models is raised (XC 5).

With the models Grand - Tourisme and Familiale: internal tuerknoepfe and levers, identically to Cabriolet and Coupè), coverings at the pages and at the back from a special plastic.

Introduction of the Hydrovacbremse. XCKF2-Motor with increased performance and double exhaust pipe, omission of the coursecourse course under the instrument panel. Tachoeinteilung to 190 km/h instead of 170 km/h.

The injecting models receive " high-speed tire " (Michelin XAS 165/380).

Thermostable brakes for the SL models, improvement of the rims and wheel covers (8 holes instead of 6 for the better cooling of the brakes).

New engine XD 88 for Familiale like already in the case of the sedan.

December 1964:

With the models with supported brake, a unterdruckbehaelter at the front, is installed left interior fenders additionally: Control light at the instrument panel for defective brake assembly or negative pressure lacking.

Mod. 1966

404 for the first time with ZF - automatic transmissions, being to spare wheel no more, but under the baggage compartment floor. Load-sensitive bremskraftverteiler at the rear axle, Heizugsgeblaese in 2 steps, headlight flasher, anti-dazzle mirror, 2 ashtrays at the rear door linings, Zigarrettenanzuender with the SL. fan from plastics with 6 wings instead of from steel with 3 wings. Water pump lubricate-free, hinged number sign fixably and lower edge of the instrument panel immediately padded. Thermal Voltme more ter instead of Ampéremeter.

September 1965:

New Interieur and instruments with round dials.

Mod. 1967

September 1966:

Referred steering wheel, new engine XC6 in the case of the carburetor sedans.

The Cabriolet and Coupè versions receive a radiator grille with Iode - to auxiliary headlights, increased turn signals, louvers in the front mask sheet metal, fuel injection engine with increased performance, " panorama back window ".

Mod. 1968

July 1967:

Conception of the " Pick Up" versions (U8).

September 1967:

Rims up-to-date, bumper in the back more closely at the body, rectangular reflectors, new wheel covers (with exception that super - Luxe), new instrument panel, new transmission

(BA7) with modified gear change, cross panel in the back modified.

Conception the version Confort (404/8): no bumper horns, no rear arm rest, easy configuration, old, rectangular instrument panel, body without chrome, disc brakes in front (like already with the export version the USA) and smaller engine performance.

Flexible Schalthebelknauf, no more door bags.

Cabriolet and Coupè: Iode - long range headlights.

Mod. 1969

September 1968:

Adjustment of the versions Coupè and Cabriolet.

Total production:

Cabrio with carburetor: 3014 units, Cabrio with Injection: 7375 units,

Coupè with carburetor: 1638 units, Coupè with Injection: 5196 units.

Bumper horns with rubber, stabilizer seaweeds in front and in the back, new door linings with new door openers (which in 504 use found later), upward shifted arm rests and new window lifters. Assembly of disc brakes in front.

The sedans with fuel injection engine are omitted.

October 1968:

Complete adjustment of the injecting he and super - Luxe versions.

All versions received supported disc brakes in front in connection with a steering wheel lock.

Adjustment of the 404/8 sedans.

Chromium-plated lamp rings, omission of the station lights on the fenders, one-piece bumpers. The tail lamps receive one integrated back-up light each. Bumpers with widened bumper corners. Omission of the high-grade steel screens on the hinte ren bumper. New control light for " light " in the speedometer. The glove drawer is not lockable any longer. Two points of anchorage for the seat belts instead of one. Front backrests without transverse joint. Lower door lining from now on without protection from Kun ststoff in the " metal Design ".

Mod. 1970

October 1969:

End of the 404/8.


October 1970:

Windshield wiper receives 2-Geschwindigkeiten.


October 1971:

The performance of the carburetor engines is reduced. Manufacturing of the models Commerciale and Familiale is stopped.


October 1972:

The performance of the diesel engine is lowered. All models receive a lion instead of coats of arms in the radiator grille and a hazard warning flasher.


October 1975:

Production end in Europe (exception: Pick UP).

Mod. 1979

October 1978:

Production end in Europe for the Pick UP - models.

Mod. 1990


Production end de Peugeot 404 in Kaduna (Nigeria).



The Peugeot 404 was presented almost at the same time in most countries. In Great Britain the classical program was delivered as " right steering wheel ". For the remaining European market apart from small country-specific special feature EN the French model pallet was used.


Also in Asia the 404 one drove out, like already before it the models 203 and 403.

Particularly as taxi the label was Peugeot much likes here.

The USA:

In March 1961 on that Geneva salon the version " 404 export the USA " was introduced. Standard configuration: the permission regulations appropriate emission control " copilot pole air ", disc brakes in front, seat belts, lateral reflectors, padded lever aturenblende, two-stage windshield wiper and when desired: Automatic transmission with control " ZF ". The model pallet was smaller than in Europe, contained the versions BREAK and Familiale however among other things. The 404 until 1969 into the United States gelief one ert.

Latin America:

The versions for Latin America essentially corresponded to the " Africa models ", however with strengthened bumpers (chrome pipes such as ramming protection guards).

Also in Argentina the 404 still long years one built, equipped with special rims and modified headlights.


The models for the African market differed by a strengthened suspension.

Additionally a version with the internal designation 404 AF, for South Africa, with that became 10 CV - engine after the European produktionseinstellung for longer time (XM)hergestellt, which admits in this country from the Peugeot 504 is.

Special 404 Pick subroutine U10 both for South Africa and for Argentina one manufactured, the loading space planks were chamfered and lower as with the appropriate European version.

Special preparations:

Apart from numerous changes of the most diverse workshops for crafts enterprises and companies,

as well as special preparations for police and fire-brigade, are worth mentioning the among other things following special productions:

  • 404-Limousine route de France (15 times), equipped with u-shaped of low-cut rear door for easier supply of the wheel running sportsmen e.g. with beverages, additionally with bicycle holding for several racing cycles
  • A series of 404-Pick-Up as tractor to the feed of trailers between the Peugeot - workshops. The vehicle equipped with a disk structure and an oversized trailer coupling.
  • The company Henri Chapron, admits DS for its Citroen - Cabriolets, gerfertigt two copies 404 Cabriolet on base of the sedan. But the front doors were extended, the rear doors were omitted completely.
  • Prototype 404 sedan. In the year 1966 for a " taper ratio study " a prototype of the sedan with a " Cabrio - Coupè - was manufactured tail ". The gas cap was over the rear, left bumper horn, the number supporter was not umklappb AR.
  • 404-Weltrekordcabriolet with diesel engine. A Cabriolet concerns on the left side with an airplane pulpit was provided. The complete front mask was arranged more aerodynamically, the turn signals by large auxiliary headlights erset time both pages was provided with extra large 404-Logos in front. Altogether this vehicle did not achieve fewer than 40 world records.